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Maths, English and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)


Key Stage 3 Tuition is a fundamental stage in a child’s development as it allows them to build upon the foundations in KS2 whilst aiming towards their GCSEs with confidence.
At Master Sunny's Tuition  we ensure that every child feels confident and capable of achieving their target grade in Maths, English and Science. 

The KS3 syllabus is the start of the Secondary School, and gives the foundation towards GCSEs. The English curriculum becomes much more detailed, involving Shakespeare as well as poetry and writing for a variety of audiences. In Mathematics algebra is introduced, as well as adding to the concepts of number, shape and data handling.

The courses are tailored to the New Key 3 National Curriculum. Key Stage 3 English, Mathematics and Science are taught by highly qualified tutors who are professionally trained to deliver the new KS3 National Curriculum.

We offer weekly tuition sessions to support their progress through the curriculum to ensure all students achieve the highest possible grade possible.

We understand the cost of tuition can be challenging for many, therefore we offer the "PAY AS YOU GO" system which ensures you only pay for the sessions you attend, as we are 

confident with our methods and teaching style to our students.

Over 1000s of books and classwork material available to use during the lesson. All equipment, notes, homework sheets and books included in the hourly price.

Home work 

All students are required to complete given homework for each week. We will mark homework weekly providing detailed feedback to the student in the areas they are struggling .

Parents will have an opportunity to meet us at the end of the sessions for feedback and to discuss any concerns related to the learning process.

Progress tests 

There will be a progress test at the end of each school term (every 6 weeks). The assessments are given at regular intervals so that you can be sure of their progress and they feel comfortable with the examination process.

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